The feeling you get when something visually moves you in a way you didn't know possible.

It's what I strive for in everything I photograph, film & produce. 

CYRIL TAKAYAMA - International Magic Superstar


Peter has spent the last 12 years developing a truly unique portrait style and brand that is recognizable internationally. From celebrities, TV personalities to International magic superstars, we can portray you in a completely new light. 


No limits. We go where the story takes us. No one and no story is too small or too big   to portray. A cafe in Paris or a cabin in Northern Alberta - Everyone is unique in their own right and deserve to have their story told. 



Working with companies and individuals to identify visual trends that move you forward and help dominate the social scene. Starting from scratch or fine tuning existing models - A visual face lift through photographs & cinematic story telling. 

“Watching Peter’s natural talent grow over the years has been both remarkable and inspiring. His clean, fresh style is immediately recognizable, yet still able to surprise and grab one’s interest. Work with him if you can!”
— Larry Fong, ASC - Batman v Superman, LOST, 300, KONG : Skull Island

The one thing I know about you already, based off the fact you are reading this, is you are someone who wants the best. These aren't your run of the mill photos, or lucky shots with a video camera - this is my life's work, my legacy. I don't just take photos or 'shoot fun videos', I create meaningful, thought provoking, emotional content to enhance brands, redefine individuals, turn moments into memories -
I am an artist, and I work for you.


Emotionally driven story to pull the most out of your content. 


Our work has been featured all over the online world, including Television. We've even got some viral youtube content under our belts accumulating well over 1.5 million views on a single video. Some of our content has been featured on places like : 

Peter has the incredible ability to take a brands concept to the next level through photos and video. With all the social media platforms, visual stimulation is an absolute must!! You have to be able to connect with your audience instantly and Peter has never come up short on connecting
— David Kennedy, James Coffee Co / Angels and Airwaves

High profile events to a backyard acoustic set


We come from an aggressive background of wedding and journalism photography. Thinking on your feet and getting the shot when it matters is all that matters. 



Yield the best results with exceptional imagery. 


Your products deserve more than just a snap shot. More than just an iPhone capture. Chances are, you spent enough time and energy creating the product, why not show it off in the most beautiful way possible? 



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