McKinnon is a professional photographer and cinematographer based out of Toronto, Canada.

Constantly on the road or up in the air, Peter made a splash for himself in early 2009 when The Plaid Chair Series was born. It quickly became noticed, being shared across the internet and social media networks. Requests began to flow in from fans, photographers, family & friends to be featured as part of The Plaid Chair Series. 

Peter's career after 2009 went off into the cinematography field, taking him all across North America and Europe and as a result -  The Plaid Chair was completed indefinitely for more than 5 years until recently resurrected. Landing a spot as the Production Manager for the worlds largest and leading training enter for magicians, McKinnon was able to offer his unique brand of story telling through a new breed of creative advertising which quickly became a trend within the industry. Since this time, his work has been featured throughout dozens of online hot spots like Gizmodo, Uncrate, The Discovery Channel, ABC's Revenge, MAXIM, Buzzfeed etc. This January McKinnon was featured in a 6 page article of MAGIC Magazine touching on his  cinematography and Plaid Chair series resulting in an invitation to speak on his expertise at north America's largest event for magicians, entertainers  and fans alike. 


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  • The Plaid Chair Series, Distillery District, Toronto Canada (Coming soon)


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Toronto, Canada

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